A Singular focus on high quality, effective body skin care

For far too long body skin care has been an afterthought. 

Not anymore. 

The body care your skin deserves

The body is and has always been a thing of beauty, the vessel by which we create things, experience life, and move thru the world. 

Isn't it time you practiced a #skincareroutine that supports your body in all the ways it supports you?

Inspired by the practice of gilding - used to protect what is precious and valuable & ancient timeless beauty practices, we bring you the best of Body Skin Care.  

Luxury Body Care Body Care Routine

The Marble Candle

Designed for Infinite Enjoyment

The marble vessel features an interchangeable insert. Simply replace the insert to enjoy another scent.

Perfect for those who appreciate elegant design, this scented candle is as stylish as it is a sensory experience. 



enjoy. refill. repurpose


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