High Performance body care

Inspired by the practice of gilding - used to protect what is precious and valuable & ancient timeless beauty practices, we bring you the best of Body Skin Care.  

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the candle

Enhance your space with fragrance. 

Our candles are made of marble with refillable inserts, allowing you to add a touch of sophistication to any space. Change the scent to suit your whims or repurpose the marble holder to store your vanity or office essentials.

head to toe

luxe body balms

Banish rough, dry, uneven skin with our potent, moisture-intense balms. Formulated with ingredients proven to smooth, soften, repair and nourish your skin.  Healthier, more vibrant looking complexion is within your reach.

Palette perfection

Makeup Mixing Palette

Get the most out of your products with our luxurious beauty palette. Create your perfect foundation shade or create a new lipstick blend, the possibilities are endless!


enjoy. refill. repurpose


The candle

create the perfect shade

Every beauty girls best-kept secret.
See what all the buzz is about...


get the perfect color

the beauty palette


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