Gilding the Lily – the History of a Lost Art + A Modern Interpretation 

The practice of gold leaf, also known as gilding, dates to the Egyptian New Kingdom period, approximately 2300 B.C.  This decorative process continues to be used because of gold’s timeless value, ageless beauty and its enduring appeal.

The ancient Egyptians used gold leaf to adorn wood and metal and items they deemed precious and valuable, including Cleopatra and King Tut’s tomb. In Greece, the practice was reserved for royalty, great leaders and war heroes like Alexander the Great and Aristotle, whose halos were gilded with gold. 

 One of the most famous artisans of gilding was the artist Gustav Klimt, who, during what is called his "Golden Phase", created a series of paintings with gold leaf. His most iconic and enduring work  “The Kiss” is a icon of gilded artwork and has survived for centuries as a testament to this craft. The reflectivity and golden awe are a testimony to beauty and richness in cultures and classes across the globe.  


The phrase “gilding the lily” is derived from this centuries-old and respected practice.

To “gild the lily” to is to “improve what is already deemed beautiful or excellent”.


Gilded was inspired by this practice as well as beautifully gilded works of art. This combined with a passion for not only luxury, but effective products that complement and enhance skincare and beauty regimens, led to the creation of our unique collection of beauty products.  

Like the great artisans who used the tools at their disposal to create what is often considered their life's greatest work, Gilded draws its inspiration to create products and accessories designed to add luxury experience within your space.

 We “gild the lily” within every step of our process. We formulate our products with gentle, high quality and effective ingredients, vetted by the latest independent and data-backed research.

Go ahead, and gild your own lily, so you may improve what already is beautiful and excellent.



We believe that feeling beautiful is the core of beauty and wellness, and that a little glamour is always an extravagantly good idea.  We never feature products we don’t love or personally have a firm hand in designing as we value your time, your wallet and your right to feel nothing short of beautiful.